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More About Us

Sunderland Literacy Aid was founded to help facilitate social inclusion, community regeneration and lifelong learning in the challenging socio-economic and ageing communities of the city of Sunderland. The organisation’s members and volunteers aim to accomplish this via arts therapy workshops designed to build better mental health, and via educational workshops to come in the aid of the local council and other organisations to help increase Sunderland’s literacy rate. The organisation also aims to reduce carbon emissions via the promotion of a culture of reuse of educational resources. The long term aim is to create positive social and economic impact, reduce book-waste, help those in need attain an overall better mental health.

One of the things that is less and less available in our society is space to communicate. We act as a community platform for people from different backgrounds and parts of the city to come together to exchange feelings, thoughts and concerns for the purpose of human development through the lens of Arts Therapy, literacy and actively promoting a culture of reuse and volunteering.

Working in partnership with other local organisations ensures that our work is effective, responsive and meets Sunderland’s real needs.

We welcome donations in books of any genre and for all ages, new or second-hand ones, as well as other educational resources. We want them saved from landfill in order to redistribute within the community where and as needed. We donate them with local schools, nurseries, libraries, community centres, families struggling to make ends meet, refugees, asylum seekers, as well as residents of orphanages, adoption centres, care homes and correctional facilities.

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