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Discover the joy of expressing yourself with pen and paper. It’s free.

The act of writing for emotional expression can be a frightening experience, however well worth it as it can actually improve our mental and physical health. With the guidance of a facilitator, participants can engage with their own creative expression, and with that of others, and in doing so find opportunities to voice their truth, affirm their strengths, and find new ways of coping with challenges. Expressive writing or writing therapy is a form of writing for therapeutic benefits.

It is a versatile form of therapy and can be done in pairs (one-on-one) or in small groups. It is most efficient when added as a supplement to another form of therapy, such as Reading Therapy. This method of emotional expression has been first described in a scientific paper in 1986, and since then several hundred expressive writing experiments have been conducted.  

To take a few minutes every day to write is a courageous thing to do in today’s fast paced world, however, it can act as powerful springboard to growth, self-enhancement and healing. Writing positively affects the immune system and can be a powerful tool in the treatment of trauma, mood disorder, psychological problems, PTSD, and chronic disease. If daily writing can be transformed into a habit, it has been scientifically proven to heal old emotional wounds, make one feel a greater sense of well-being, decrease stress, improve relationships, and boost the immune system.

This therapeutic project will help participants understand important insights about how, when and why words have healing power.

Writing for wellbeing
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