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8 October 2018 – We want your books! New Sunderland charity aims to improve literacy with donations
10 October 2018 – We want your books! New Sunderland charity aims to improve literacy with donation

July – October 2018 – Public Update of our Activities

Still zero funding, and still less than a handful of us doing all the work, however, there is ongoing intermittent support from a bunch of lovely people. On the whole, we are not whining, but instead happy to announce that we have managed to save and accommodate over 2000 books plus other educational resources that would have otherwise ended up in garbage bins and landfill sites. Some of them have been delivered to our storage space, while others have been collected from different institutions.

a) we have been playing an active role in reducing carbon emissions by using the innovative way of saving, accommodating and redistributing educational resources for reuse to those in need, instead of recycling them;

b) we have managed to redistribute over 500 books to under-resourced schools in the community, as well as to the tutors running educational courses under Centrepoint (Sunderland branch) and Media Savvy CIC;

c) seven students from The University of Sunderland have been given the opportunity to get involved with us, working on different research projects, therefore making it possible for them to have the involvement with Sunderland Literacy Aid added on their Higher Education Achievement Report as extracurricular activity;

d) three college students have each done a short term (2 months) placement with us, increasing their chances to gain long term placements leading to full time employment in the future; because of the work done on our website, one of them has managed to secure a paid long-term placement.

e) because people usually don’t have alternatives to dispose of their unneeded educational resources other than the closest recycling point, we have started three collection points in strategic locations to make it more accessible for them to donate with us. All collection points have been done in partnerships with long established institutions wanting to play a more active role in community projects.

We are hoping that our innovative way of reusing educational materials will continue to help conserve resources, finances and will generate less paper waste, as well as proving first hand how reusing is way more beneficial to all of us, rather than recycling. In time, small steps bring about big changes. THIS is what we are about!


November – April 2019 Public Update of our Activities 

We have managed to save around 5,000 books from landfill, and redistributed another 700 books and stationary, which takes us to a total of 1200 books donated.

Between January and April, we had four more students at The University of Sunderland, volunteering with us. We have also supplied college students with three more placements.

We have also created more partnerships with different institutions and individuals. Eventually, this will help all parties involved. We have printed and distributed hundreds of leaflets informing people about our activities and we have also done public surveys to find out what other type of projects people would like to see from us. That’s how we have decided to start a new exciting project. Keep an eye on our website.

A series of short-term ESOL/EAL workshops have also been provided to asylum seekers, as well as Creative Writing workshops to young adults, all services provided on a pro bono basis. 

We have to get back to work now. Have a lovely day 🙂


May – July 2019 Public Update of our Activities

Between May and July we have managed to save another 2000 books, which bring us to a total of 7000. We have also donated another 600, which brings us to a total of 1800 books donated, as well as stationary.

We have had another three new volunteers to help with activities such as online research, marketing campaigns, help in our storage space, help with the collection of educational resources from local schools and help with some of our workshops. We have also offered two more placements to college students.

We have developed important long-term partnerships with The University of Sunderland and a national charity. They will both play an important role in the delivery of our ‘Reading for Wellbeing’ and ‘Writing for Wellbeing’ projects, starting with the end of August.

We have printed and distributed another 200 leaflets and dozens of posters in strategic locations around the city of Sunderland. More people than before have reached out to us because of that. 

Another empty storage space has been given to us to make use of it. For this reason we will continue to collect, store and redistribute more educational resources than previously. 

We have also secured our first funding ever, so keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates.

Have a lovely August 🙂 

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