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Refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people in Britain, like other new arrivals, are a very diverse group. Some may arrive in the UK with one or both parents, or they may arrive in the care of older siblings, relatives or customary care givers. Some children may arrive alone as unaccompanied minors. Some, but not all, will have experienced conflict and may be traumatised. A new refugee or asylum seeking child is likely to need EAL support. For most learners acquiring proficiency in English language is a priority.

Parents of refugee or asylum seeking children may have particular support needs. These are some common areas requiring help and guidance:

The English language

Understanding the school system

Dealing with officialdom

Social isolation.

Literacy Aid UK team is committed to help with all of the above. All services are free of charge, and no strings attached. We will help you with your English language skills, free provision of educational resources, help you understand the school system in a safe space, as well as deal with your communication with different officials in any of the organisations that you have to deal with to help you settle in. 

All of these activities are being done in an interactive way, in a safe and friendly environment, where you one of the aims is to also combat social isolation that many refugees and asylum seekers struggle to cope with.

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