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The Literacy Project

The Literacy Project project aims to help struggling year 3 children readers to become fundamentally proficient and more self-confident in reading. It aims to bring this group of children to age related expectations in reading.

This is an intervention programme for schools who do not have the financial resources or any third party organisations to support reading progression for this group of children.

The Literacy Project also donates literacy resources to those in need.

Literacy is a right. It is implicit in the right to education. In modern societies, literacy skills are fundamental to informed decision-making, personal empowerment, active and passive participation in local and global social community.

Helping someone to read and write effectively improves the future of everyone in society. Literacy is critical to economic development as well as individual and community well-being. Our economy is enhanced when learners have higher literacy levels. Effective literacy skills open the doors to more educational and employment opportunities so that people are able to pull themselves out of poverty and chronic underemployment.

From an individual perspective, one needs adequate literacy skills to participate and function happily within – and contribute to – one’s community. From a collective perspective, a literate community is a dynamic community; a community that exchanges ideas, engages in dialogue and is more innovative and productive. The sharing of ideas, perspectives and concerns also leads to greater levels of mutual understanding and caring, and ultimately strong community spirit.

Poor literacy can lead to the risk of exclusion for some individuals and some social groups.


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