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We Offer Placements, Internships, Volunteering Opportunities

You can volunteer with us if you have an hour a week to spare. In return we can help you gain valuable skills that will help you to evolve and enhance your life experience. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to help those who actually need help. Most of our service users come as referrals from other professional organisations, after a thorough assessment of the individual’s current situation and needs.

Reading for Wellbeing

If you love reading and enjoy bringing people together, you should consider volunteering for one hour a week for this project. No qualifications are required as comprehensive training is provided. In order to become a reader facilitator, you will have to complete 10 hours of training with one of our staff members. If you’re successful, you will need a DBS (when we have enough funding, we’ll pay for it) before being assigned to one of our service users, usually older individuals who are isolated and affected by social exclusion, loneliness, bereavement, early Alzheimer’s, ageism.

Writing for Wellbeing (Expressive Writing)

Help people to discover the health benefits of expressing themselves with pen and paper. In order to become a facilitator for this project, you will have to go through a comprehensive period of training. It can last between 10 and 15 hours. If you’re successful, you will need a DBS (when we have enough funding, we’ll pay for it) before being assigned to one of our service users, or a small group of individuals.

We Save Books

We need help to divert more educational resources from landfill, as well as support in spreading the message of the Culture of Reuse to people within your local community. At times, we are unable to collect unwanted educational resources because we don’t have volunteers to help us collect them. In this case, they end up to landfill. If you drive and you are a car owner, and don’t mind collecting educational resources for us from different locations (all within Sunderland), we would love to hear from you.

The Literacy Project

If you’re good a grammar, punctuation, writing structure, and you wish to help others who need help in this area, get in touch. This project helps people from all backgrounds and of all ages. Some people might need help with writing skills on a resume, others help with school work, and others simply they wish to become better at the entire literacy spectrum.

EAL for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

If your first language is English, and you wish to help newcomers to the city/country to understand, speak and write English on a level that will help them become self-sufficient, you can do that by becoming a volunteer with us. The overwhelming majority of the service users for this project are refugees and asylum seekers.

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