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We Donate Books

We Donate Books initiative exists to ensure that everyone has access to free proper educational resources.

Sunderland Literacy Aid plays an important role in donating educational resources to local schools, libraries, community centres, families struggling to make ends meet, refugees, asylum seekers, as well as residents of orphanages, adoption centres, care homes and prisons.

If you need educational resources, email us at


[nd_options_testimonial nd_options_layout=”layout-2″ nd_options_color=”#8e8e8e” nd_options_testimonial=”“Sunderland Literacy Aid reached out to us to offer books and stationary for the children at Grace House. They were very generous, and the children enjoyed them very much”. -” nd_options_name=”Rachael, J.” nd_options_role=”Grace House”]
[nd_options_testimonial nd_options_color=”#8e8e8e” nd_options_testimonial=”“Sunderland Literacy Aid has been helping Media Savvy tutors and course participants with IT/Media teaching materials and stationary since 2018. They continue to be a constant support“” nd_options_name=”Lisa, M.” nd_options_role=”Media Savvy Head Tutor”]
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