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We Save Books

We Save Books initiative exists because every year tonnes of books and other educational resources are taken to landfill. When it comes to their recycling, because of the spine, shell or glue, books cannot be recycled, but the paper inside can. The problem is that local councils don’t have the means to employ people that would ‘de-bind’ books to make sure they are okay for recycling.

Due to their limited storage space, charity stores are rarely accepting donations in books. Since most people don’t read the same book twice, they have to de-clutter their homes, but the journey to donate them somewhere is often a discouraging one, and at the end of the day these books also end up to landfill.

We want to promote a culture of Reuse rather than Recycle. Reusing should be preferred over recycling because it saves the energy that comes with having to dismantle and re-manufacture products. For as long as we have storage space to be used to store books, we want to save as many of them as possible in order to further donate them to those who don’t have easy access to educational resources.

We Donate Books

We Donate Books initiative exists to ensure that everyone has access to free proper educational resources.

Sunderland Literacy Aid plays an important role in donating educational resources to local schools, libraries, community centres, families struggling to make ends meet, refugees, asylum seekers, as well as residents of orphanages, adoption centres, care homes and prisons.

If you need educational resources, email us at

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